Hi, my name is Mike Stewart, CTS.  I have been operating a part time business called MSA Productions (msapro.com) for 10+ years.  I often found the internet search engines had too many other references to MSA’s, so I finally changed the name of the business to Stewart AV.   Another change that happened along with the business name change was that I decided to make the recording studio portion of the business closed to the public.  The studio is now for private use and a few other exceptions (you may ask if you wish).  All the equipment and toys are still there.   My reasoning behind the studio decision was because I have become overly busy with other projects such as mixing for sports at Spectrum(Brighthouse) Stadium, CFE Arena, Camping World and the new Orlando City Soccer Stadium.  These sport projects keep me fairly busy.

I have also started venturing into another area pertaining to website development, coding and programming.  We shall see where this leads to….more info on its way.

I still teach at Full Sail University (full-time) along with tuning sound systems for companies, churches and government facilities; programming audio systems and some acoustic analysis work as well.